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dogs run everywhere around me

💖 dogs are great for #naptime #doglover

You have to be the rock. You have to date the rock. You have to lick the rock! YOU HAVE TO SMELL THE ROCK! YOU HAVE TO BE THE ROCK!

Goodnight from baxter-babbu and I 🐩🐙🌆

I never felt so much anger towards any one person in my life. I never felt so angry that all my physical pain hides itself. But thank you for showing me how strong I really am when this entire time I thought I was useless.

5 hours of solitude with Lake Chabooty. This is much needed #lastminuteplan #lakechabot

I want people to be straight-forward with me. That is all I ask from humanity. I want people to tell me when i’m being annoying, or self-centered. I want them to tell me they hate me and they want me dead. I want them to tell me to leave them alone. So I wouldn’t have all these trust issues anymore. When they tell me they want me, its authentic. When they tell me why they like me, I believe them. When they say they love me, it isn’t empty. 

But people are so scared to hurt everyone else’s feelings that we are left alone assuming the worse of ourselves but never seeing the lovely things about ourselves either.

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I found this.
And I love it.
I love it so very, very much.

OMG ;~~~;

Why would the universe make me realize that I need to start giving myself to people? Why would the universe start giving me all these sweet, loving people in my life? Why would the universe start making me lose all these people? 

Why does it always seem like I’m always getting hurt in the end?

Rp: @hailababy Yaasss!

First day on the job