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"I hope one day you think of me and wonder how you ever let me walk away."
I’m learning how to live without you (via fighting-sadness)

First day I met you, I really didn’t care. Then we got to know each other and you saved me from my hell. At least that’s what it felt like, I didn’t feel so alone anymore. 

I know I went too far the first time around. I know I should have waited but the passion was escaping my body as if the fire inside me was pushing it out with the sweat you felt on my skin. Every touch, every sound, every smell and every smile. It all felt so real and authentic. Where did I go wrong?

Silence. Quiet. Tears. Stilll no answer. I had to get on my knees and pray to get an answer but I was still ignored. 

You finally replied asking for forgiveness. Funny how the one that fished me out of my hell, threw me back in and asks for a second chance. But I had faith that it would work out, the second chance was validated. Then a second time around, you went and blew it again. The pattern was revealed and I had to face the truth about you.

But God wins, because I still want you. 

The difference from the first time, however, is that i’m not alone anymore. You saved me twice but you can’t throw me in again. I’ve learned well enough how to save myself.

But let me ask you this.

How did it feel when you walked all over my heart? I hope you felt the fire burn the soles of your feet. The same fire that gave me the drive to trust you this entire time. Like shards of glass, I hope it pierced your skin.

Now you feel what I feel. But the difference from you and me is that my life isn’t being drained away by my soles. 

My life is only beginning. My new heart stained by your blood but adapted to its new form. You can’t break whats already broken, but I can adjust to the new shape. Now my heart beats a thousand times more as it lays scattered on the ground, a thousand lessons learned. 

I forgive you, but I’ve won this battle and I hope that you, Godwin, realize what its like to lose. 

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1st week of school down, 11 more weeks to go………………………………………….. #ugh

Why wasn’t I invited to the party? ‘cause there wasn’t mushroom *slaps knee*

The tomb of my past lives.

I was once deprived. Now im nourished.

What can you interpret from this? #photography #police #toys #blackandwhite #andred

Everyday I am going to repost my photography until I start it up again. Here, have some bby duck. #photography #animals #ducks #duck #iwillreturnalfonso

You know. Typical cloud picture. #fbf #imiss #photography

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#tbt I will always be darker than you sis