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Romance at its finest #thirdwheel #bestofbothworlds #lookatzohal

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# thirdwheel

Romance at its finest #thirdwheel

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# halp

I’ve counted 17 mosquito bites but I feel like there’s more ;-; #halp

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# bananaslug

As an artist, this is a #bananaslug


RDD 💞🌌🌠✨✴

My camera doesn’t do the room justice but I rearranged it today. Thanks @yungmilktea , my kawaii sistar <3

Schwasizzle my nozzle #firsttimeschwazye (at The Catalyst)

Im still trying to get used to my hair being short

Last game in the candlestick park until blow it up WOOOO

Sweaty, bruised, scrapped, and sore. Im not so sure why I keep going but im going anyways.